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We welcome volunteers from all over the world and enjoy the multi-cultural energy that they bring.  We prefer a commitment of at least one month but may consider shorter spells.  There is no maximum time limit providing both sides are happy with the arrangement.  Some volunteers extend their stay to six months or more.

Volunteers are not charged to work here and accommodation is provided but food must be paid for.  We ask for a minimum five hours a day with one day off per week.  A roster of duties leads the team from hour to hour on the farm and volunteers are welcome to provide input to the roster if they want to care for an animal they resonate with or if they have a particular skill, such as veterinary or medical.  Volunteers can also swop days off or save up days for a longer period off the farm – providing the rest of the team agree.  We are flexible!  Volunteers provide for themselves for breakfast and lunch, then we, residents and volunteers, take it in turns to cook the evening meal.  People can pair up to cook a meal if they wish.  Meals are taken with the Founder, Nicky, and her resident team.

As well as care of the animals many other skills will come in useful here, such as building, carpentry, IT and social media, photography, film, cooking, veterinary, animal advocacy.  Volunteers with little experience may also qualify providing they can prove a passion for and strong commitment to the animals.  Tasks include feeding of animals, massage therapy for special care and special needs pigs, administering of medication (under supervision), mucking out, enrichment and play, preparation of food, blanketing animals in cold weather, repairing kennels and shelters, taking photographs for social media.

We do not allow drugs of any kind on the farm other than prescription medication, nor do we allow smoking.  Volunteers need to be physically fit, mature whatever their age, self sufficient, well-adjusted, patient and compassionate.  We look for good team players who have at heart, the best interests of the animals, their fellow volunteers, the day staff, the Founder and her resident team.  It is not necessary to be vegan but volunteers are expected to embrace a vegan lifestyle during their time on the farm – we walk our talk!  Volunteers need to have medical insurance and to have received a tetanus vaccination in the last ten years.

Accommodation is provided in a Shepherd’s Hut, a caravan, a twin bedded spare room in one of the houses and dorm style in a converted barn.  There are shared hot showers and composting loos.

To apply fill in the form (links below) and we will consider your application.  If accepted, volunteers are required to complete an indemnity form.

Volunteers can apply direct to the sanctuary or via Workaway.


Kindly complete the form below and we will get back to you.
You can also download a copy of the form here to complete and email back to us.


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Greyton Farm Sanctuary volunteer
Greyton Farm Sanctuary


Anna Dinero

“Greyton Farm  Animal Sanctuary – a serene place staying with the best of team herbivore!
A sanctuary for both animals and humans.
I loved my time here, which educated me by just being, and I still miss all the characters that you have opportunity to befriend.”

Anna Dinero, England
Danielle Gosselin

“I spent two months volunteering at Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary, and it was one of the best times of my life. The animals opened my heart, and I was humbled by all the love. At the farm, I became strong as I worked hard to care for the animals each day. But it truly was a labor of love. The work was good and I always had time to cuddle with the animals. It makes me smile to think of my time at GFAS. I wish everyone there the very best.”

Danielle Gosselin, USA
Maria and Napoleon

“I volunteered at the sanctuary from January to April 2018.  My experience at Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary was hands-down one of the best experiences of my life. I wish I had words to express my gratitude for this extraordinary establishment. The moment I arrived at the sanctuary, I felt at home. Nicky greeted me with open arms and inexplicable warmth. The animals who live at the sanctuary are some of the sweetest there are. They are so forgiving and kind despite many of their troubled pasts. They taught me so much just by being themselves. The work I did at GFAS varied daily – sometimes I helped hands-on with the animals (I even got to help raise several rescued piglets!!!), other times I assisted Nicky with things she needed to get done like sorting through receipts for tax purposes, drafting the weekly newsletter, attending local markets with sanctuary apparel, uploading photos to the sanctuary’s social media accounts, contacting sponsors, and responding to online inquiries. Nicky is very willing to let those who volunteer at Greyton use their gifts however they deem fit! I think about Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary and the lessons I learned there often. I encourage every single person who has an interest in going to go and volunteer!  It changed my life forever.”

Maria Jamieson, USA
Sylvia von Escher

“My experience on your farm was a fantastic “life – experience” in South Africa caring for these lovely animals that need help and lots of love. I was so happy to be there for these creatures every day and to take care  of them! It’s the best feeling to be there for animals in need and offer them a beautiful life! This experience makes me happy and I think a lot back at this amazing time! My heart was touched in a very special way when I was allowed to feed Magic! Thank you very much  for this special time and to do this experience! I’m deeply connected with my heart!”

Sylvia von Escher, Switzerland
Sophie Lane-rogans

“I was meant to volunteer at GFAS for two months but ended up staying six! Nicky, with her guidance and wisdom, encourages every being to thrive with all their needs accommodated on the farm. I learnt so much in my time there and met so many beautiful personalities. I still visit when I can, it is truly my happy place.”

Sophie Lane-Rogans, England
Ashleigh Symonds

“This farm is heaven on earth. It has it all – the animals, the work, the location, the weather and the people. The animals are amazing, it’s a wonderful experience getting to know them and their individual personalities and it’s obviously very difficult to leave them. The work is great. If you enjoy working with animals then this really isn’t work. It mostly consists of feeding, food prep, some cleaning and checking on the animals to make sure they are all okay. You have loads of spare time in-between but there’s always animals to cuddle and give belly rubs that will really appreciate it. The location is amazing with the most stunning views. Every morning we went for a walk around the perimeter of the land, usually with around 3 different species of animals in tow. It felt like a dream. At night the sky is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and you can quite often see the milky way which I rarely or probably never have the privilege of at home. Nicky is an incredible woman and what she has done for the animals at the farm is truly selfless. She loves every single one equally and endlessly. This place very quickly feels like home and it’s the genuinely the place I have felt the most fulfilled.”

Ashleigh Symonds, Scotland
Greyton Farm Sanctuary Volunteer

“So very grateful to have spent lockdown on this wonderful piece of space! It was an honor to get to know the animals on such a personal level and get to know their character. Nicky and the team truly do go to the furthest extent to ensure these animals only know love and care and receive all medical attention necessary. Much love and respect xoxo”

Nicole, South Africa
Greyton Farm Sanctuary Volunteer

“Being 6 months at the farm let me create a deep connection with the animals, the people living there and myself. GFAS let me create awareness about how humans can change some harmful habits and provide dignity for every single living being in our environment. The farm is a oasis in the middle of the busy modern world.”

Andrés, Columbia
Greyton Farm Sanctuary Megan with Peggy

“I volunteered and lived at Greyton Animal Farm Sanctuary from April – May 2018. My experience here was truly special. I felt completely welcome the moment I arrived and was honoured to have so much responsibility and trust bestowed on me after only a few days. As a volunteer you are responsible for the morning and evening feeds of the animals and I was lucky enough to also be put in charge of two young piglets and lambs during my time there.

The sanctuary attracts an incredible bunch of people to it who really care about the animals and their stories – it is amazing to see what an impact it has on each and every one of them. It is no easy task running the sanctuary yet, the people that work there – especially Nicky – do so with a gentleness, passion and love that is inspirational. It was a real privilege being able to wake up every day in a place with such happiness and beauty and I was very sad when the time came to say my goodbyes.”

Megan Schalit, South Africa

“I had the pleasure of staying at the sanctuary in July 2019 and can only say thank you for such a great experience! After travelling from country to country witnessing cruelty towards animals in countless places, coming here was a blessing. A slice of paradise on earth… the property is extremely well managed, with excellent shelters and enrichments to keep everyone healthy and happy. To this day I have so much respect, gratitude and awe for Greyton Farm Sanctuary and the people running it on a daily basis. I was so inspired by Nikkie’s kindness, knowledge and commitment. I still cherish all the memories and special bonds with animals I made during my time here…whether it was bathing lambs, feeding pigs or massaging paralysed dog Spotty. I truly hope that one day I’ll be able to come back.”

Felice Lewandowski, Germany