It’s difficult to know where to start with Baa’s story. Like most of our lambs, he was born in the fields around the sanctuary and immediately abandoned by his mum.  Maybe she had twins or triplets and couldn’t cope, maybe because he was sickly and she was going to let nature take its course.  We took him in and battled with his health for a few weeks but he finally turned a corner and began to heal.  We had a wonderful volunteer from Brazil, Pazu, who spent hours playing ‘mom’ to this abandoned little boy.  Our friends Tarryn and Mark, who had rescued a piglet called Gilbert, took turns in raising him with Gilbert which may account for what happened when he grew up.


Baa in the garden, Baa and Petal, Baa and Gilbert

As soon as he was old enough to go out in the fields we turned him out with the other lambs he had also grown up with but Baa did not want to know about sheep.  All he wanted to do was hang out with the pigs.  It wasn’t until two years later that we finally toughened up and made him stay with the sheep and then, after one day of complaining loudly, he sorted out a few young rams and took his place as patriarch of the flock.

Volunteer Prof. Patricia Silva Leme (Pazu) University of Sao Paolo feeding Baa



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