Monkeybiz is spotlighting Collectible Artist Zisiwe Lumkwana.

Zisiwe was born in the Eastern Cape and was sent to Cape Town as a young girl for medical treatment due to a facial injury. During her recovery, Zisiwe lost total sight in her right eye and had to adapt to her new way of life.

Zisiwe is a proud, single mother to four children and for the past 15 years has been supporting her family through her Monkeybiz artwork. One of her daughters, Lucy Lumkwana, has also joined Monkeybiz as a Collectible Artist.

This is what Zisiwe had to say about Monkeybiz: “Since I have been registered as an Artist of Monkeybiz, I have been able to put food on the table for my children, it makes me excited! I’m thankful to those people that support Monkeybiz so that I can stand on my own and show my talent.”

Zisiwe Lumkwana

Zisiwe Lumkwana

During the months of November and December 2020, we will be offering a 20% discount on Zisiwe Lumkwana’s sought after VEGAN COLLECTION with 10% of proceeds going toward Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary has been running as a Non-Profit Organization since 2010, they currently house 200 animals, all of whom enjoy a caring and comfortable lifestyle. As such, their animals are ambassadors for a vegan lifestyle, and it is rare that a visitor leaves this farm and is able to consume animal products ever again. The sanctuary is a platform from which they run a humane education programme in all six local schools, where they introduce children to the farm animals and help awaken their innate empathy.

Each piece from the Vegan Collection has been carefully created with purpose by Zisiwe, in her trademark colours and patterns, which has made her a sought-after collectible artist to many Monkeybiz collectors around the world.


What we love about each piece is the unique expressions they carry, making them a fun conversation-starter in any home.

Shop the Vegan Collection here.