When we heard that five young piglets were being sold at the roadside in a nearby town we were horrified and swung into action.  With support from Safe Haven, the town’s animal welfare, we were able to confiscate the pigs from the seller and bring them to safety.  As soon as they arrived they ran around in circles, grunting and looking very distressed.  We realised they were looking for their mum.  Finding one black pig in a very large town seemed like an impossible mission but we asked Safe Haven if they could at least have a go.  After tracking down the would-be seller they spent three weeks searching the township and……they found momma!

piglet rescue


They were able to retrieve her and bring her for a touching reunion with her babies.  But that’s not the end of the story.  We rescued Momma on 5th June and on 19th August we went to feed momma and her children when we saw two tiny black blobs in the straw.  Momma had given birth to two more babies!  She was already 7 weeks pregnant again when we rescued her and her previous litter was only 12 weeks old.  It’s pigs ability to breed so fast that makes them so abused.

piglet rescue

The new babies


Thankfully Momma and her babies are safe at last and we will make sure she is never used and abused again.


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